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New Harbor Project

New Harbor Project                                                           City of Valdez Photo

The City of Valdez New Harbor Development Project is a multi-year, phased project to build a new harbor basin and upland facilities on the south side of the old Hotel Hill site. The new harbor will include docks/moorage capacity, vehicle parking lot, additional vessel launch ramps, and support services. New access roads and pedestrian walkways will be included to provide increased waterfront accessibility.

• Increased moorage capacity
• Additional launch ramps
• Greater waterfront access for boaters and the non-boating public
• Additional local economic activity
• Opportunity for service industry development and support for the fishing industry

Phase 2 Uplands Facilities and Inner Harbor Facilities -

Uplands facilities work is nearly finished. The City and the Contractor performed the Architectural Substantial Completion inspection for the buildings and issued a short Punchlist with items to be corrected. The Contractor is preparing the request for Electrical and Mechanical inspections anticipated during late October. The asphalt pavement was striped and landscape boulders were placed.

Pacific Pile and Marine (PPM) continued breaking high spots (pinnacles) of bedrock and dredging the Drive-Down basin until the hydraulic hammer broke; repair parts are not readily available. Based on the anticipated deliver of parts and successful repair, dredging should finish in mid-October. Surveys indicate 3000 CY of rock (three barge loads) remains to be broken and dredged.

PPM has installed all the piling, head floats, the four mains (T, U, V, W) and associated stall floats, and two gangways for the west two-thirds of the Mooring Basin. Drive-down float modules, transfer bridge and related items stored in the Seattle area are scheduled to be loaded on a barge and towed to Valdez by mid-October. Drive-down floats will be assembled and staged in the water. After the remaining bedrock is removed and confirmed with survey, piling for the drive-down bridge and float will installed, the drive-down floats will be placed and the 140-foot bridge will be set in place.


R&M continued reviewing some submittals, including Rock Anchor Pile Installation Plan, responded to Requests for Information (RFIs), clarifications of construction documents and conflicts in the field, performed Special Inspections and observations of site work, observations of dredging and placing riprap, inspections and documentation of drilling and driving mooring piling and installation of floats.


The USACE is administering the Western Marine Construction (WMC) contract for dredging the navigation channel and float basin and construction of the breakwaters. The USACE is reportedly working toward fiscal closeout of their contract with WMC. Arcadis and the City will continue coordinating with USACE for closeout of the City’s contract with USACE.


• Drove piling and installed 80% of floats and two gangways for the Mooring Basin
• Dredged 90% of the bedrock at the Drive-down Float (East) basin
• Performed Architectural Substantial Completion for buildings
• Submitted Rock Anchor Pile Installation Plan for drive-down bridge mooring frame


• Commission and test the Bilge Treatment equipment
• Perform Substantial Completion inspections for building electrical and mechanical systems
• Install architectural concrete panels, directional sign, flagpole, picnic canopies
• Start installing electrical and mechanical systems on the installed head, main and stall floats
• Finish breaking and dredging bedrock and surveying the Drive-Down Float Basin
• Install piling for drive-down bridge abutment and mooring frame
• Closeout City’s contract with USACE for the dredging and breakwater work

If you have any questions, please contact:

Ron Rozak
Construction Manager
(907) 382-2933
Nathan Duval
Director of Capital Facilities
City of Valdez            
(907) 835-5478