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New Gilson Middle School Construction Project
 Gilson Middle School Concept Drawing Aerial View
Project Description

This $30M new Middle School project is a replacement of the 45-year old Gilson
Junior High School. The new 56,125 SF school will include classrooms, career
tech education, a new gym, wrestling room, wood shop, track & field, and
reconfigured traffic flows and parking. Construction will began early June 2013 and
is scheduled to be complete December 2014.

Project Update
February 2014
Dawson finished framing covered walkway soffit and continued siding prep work. Inside, they installed blocking and backing, decking for stage and ramp, and finished plywood on CTE walls. Megawatt finished most of the rough-in for the Gym ceiling, finished service conduit between boiler and electrical rooms, set line conditioners and pulled main conductors to electrical room, installed panels and worked on branch circuits, mounted control and fire alarm devices, and heat traced most of the roof drains. Mantech continued installing pipe in Boiler room, hose bibs, seismic restraints and zone valves. H&H Sheet metal installed air handling units and large duct in the fan room, ducts from VAVs to registers, exterior exhaust hoods, exhaust duct for Kitchen range hood, dust collector ducts in CTE, and seismic restraints.

Alaska Industrial Insulation finished insulating pipe for roof drain system, most of the domestic water and many heat lines to VAVs. All Wall Contracting continued installing sound insulation, sheetrock on all exterior walls and in the Admin, CTE, gym, mat, toilet and locker rooms. They framed most of the ceilings, soffits and locker bases; finished sheetrock in the boiler, fan, electrical and data rooms, gym and admin area; started taping classrooms; and painted the boiler, fan, electrical and data rooms. Statewide Foam & Coatings sprayed thermal insulation along the south wall, structural beams and roof drains. Chinook Fire Protection installed sprinkler heads in GWB ceilings, adjusted lines and heads to resolve conflicts, tested sprinklers with air and water and fixed leaks. Door Systems of Alaska installed the top track and motor for the operable partitions in 6th, 7th and 8th grade classrooms.

Bettisworth North (BNAP) continued supporting the Arts and Interiors Committee in selecting interior finishes and defining locations and types of artwork to be procured. BNAP provided walkway enclosure options graphics to facilitate Council decisions. Signage and logo designs were refined with feedback from VCS. BNAP inspected work in place and met with Contractor and Owner representatives to resolve routine issues and questions.

ARCADIS continued assisting the Valdez City School (VCS) with identifying and locating Owner-furnished equipment and furnishings. They facilitated art presentations to the Arts and Interiors Committee and worked with five selected artists to refine their works as requested by the Arts and Interiors Committee. ARCADIS evaluated change order proposals for design revisions and Owner requested changes, conducted numerous project tours for Owner representatives and parents, assisted VCS in issuing an RFP for IT equipment and services, facilitated evaluation of options for enclosing the south canopy and coordinated the installation and transition to permanent utility services.

Valdez City Schools (with BNAP) refined their list of information/technology (IT) equipment and developed an RFP for IT equipment and software procurement, installation, consulting and training.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Kent Crandall
Project Manager
(907) 244-3689
Scott Eastwood
Dawson Construction
(907) 831-1336

Construction Photo Report for March 31-April 6, 2014
The Construction Photo Report for March 31-April 6, 2014 has been uploaded to the City of Valdez website and is available for viewing. Additional Info...
Construction Notice: General Contractor Dawson Construction
Demolishing the existing middle school and construction of the new middle school work hours will be Monday - Saturday 7am to 5:30pm. Truck traffic will primarily be along Egan Drive & Hazelet Avenue. Direct questions to Scott Eastwood at (907) 831-1336. Construction Notice...
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