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Valdez Alaska

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Egan Drive Beautification

The City of Valdez Egan Beautification Project is slated for summer 2016 construction. This multifaceted project includes an over-the-roadway arch, new corner treatments with seat walls and landscaping, and new roadway lighting along Egan. The City has selected Prosser-Dagg Construction as the contractor.


Placed just west of Chitina Ave over the Richardson highway will be a 30’ high decorative arch displaying the words “Valdez Alaska”. The arch will allow for 20’ of clearance underneath. The blue lettering will illuminate in front of a metal mountain landscape. The mountain motif is carried on to the decorative concrete piers at the base of the poles. The full horizontal span is approximately 62 feet. 

Roadway Lighting

The existing light poles will be demolished along Egan from Hazelet to East Pioneer Street. They will be replaced by 65 new light poles. Twenty five of these will be 30-foot tall street lights. In between these poles will be shorter 16-foot pedestrian lights. A total of forty pedestrian lights will be installed.  All poles will be navy and have a decorative nautical base.

Corner Landscaping

Concrete planters with seat walls will be installed at the intersection corners from Egan and Hazelet to Egan and Meals. One planter and seat wall will be mid-block and be placed behind the sidewalk in front of No Name Pizza. At this location there is space to install an art sculpture. However, the design and funding of an art sculpture is yet to be determined.