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Couch to 5K in 8 Weeks!
INTRODUCING our 8 week Couch to 5K Running Plan! We have 8 weeks until the HY Spring Surprise 5K on April 18th!! So now is the perfect opportunity to motivate yourself and start training. We'll start you off slow and ease you into the routine-- so by April 18th you'll be able to run the full 5K! For extra motivation: join Sarah and others for a group run/walk every Wednesday at 5:30PM starting at the Teen Center. Click here for the full 8 week program guide.

Week 3 Guide

Couch to 5K - Weekly Group Run/Walk
Every Wednesday 
5:30 - 6:00PM
Teen Center Parking Lot

Healthier You Sponsored Activities & Weekly Challenges

Healthier You Sponsored Activities and Weekly Challenges are designed to allow participants to learn and explore new things. Healthier You Sponsored Activities are free and open to the public, promoting healthy lifestyles through an activity or education session. Weekly Challenges encourage participants to discover new ways to improve their overall well-being and health through other dimensions of wellness.

Healthier You Sponsored Activities will be EVERY Saturday morning this year! (Most HYSA's will start at 10AM, unless otherwise noted in the newsletter and flyer. Most HYSA's are appropriate for ages 5+, unless otherwise noted.)

Week 1 Challenge Stay Hydrated- Drink your recommended water intake each day!
Saturday, Jan 31 PiYo workout with Nani Hunter at PWSCC Health & Fitness Center
Week 2 Challenge You Are What You Eat- Eat 5 servings of fruits & veggies each day!
Saturday,  Feb 7 Packing Healthy Lunches with Gianna McCune at Teen Center
Week 3 Challenge Be Heart Smart- Determine your target heart rate and reach it at least 3 times within the week!
Saturday,  Feb 14 Spin (& Tabata) Class with Sarah Histand at PWSCC Health & Fitness Center
Week 4 Challenge Safety First- Check your home, yard, classroom, or job site for safety hazards- report (if necessary) or fix the safety concerns.
Saturday,  Feb 21 Avalanche awareness workshop with Sarah Carter (AAIC)- PWSCC Sugar Loaf Learning Hall

Special Hands-On workshop extension up Benzene Alley from 1PM-5PM. SPACE IS LIMITED: PLEASE CALL 835-2531 to RESERVE A SPOT
Week 5 Challenge Help Your Community- Find 1 way to volunteer, mentor someone, or improve your community. (Hint- go to the HYSA!)
Saturday,  Feb 28 Door-to-Door Flyer Distribution with Relay for Life- meet at Teen Center
Week 6 Challenge Teamwork Makes the Dream Work- Spend 30-60 minutes doing an activity together with your HY team, classmates, or co-workers!
Saturday,  Mar 7 Kickball Tourney (all ages) with Hope Finley at HHES
Week 7 Challenge Show Those Pearly Whites- Brush & floss at least once everyday all week! *Try to make this a daily habit by doing it through the rest of HY.
Saturday,  Mar 14 Water Aerobics at the Swimming Pool
Week 8 Challenge Take a Deep Breah- Take 5-10 minutes each day to stretch, reflect, breathe, meditate, or pray!
Saturday,  Mar 21 Behavioral Health Discussion with Providence Valdez Counseling Center at Teen Center.
Week 9 Challenge Families that Play Together, Stay Together- Spend 30-60 minutes doing a physical activity with your family, close friends, or HY team. (Hint- go to the HYSA!)
Saturday,  Mar 28 Valdez Winter Games - Snowshoeing, Cross Country Skiing & Ski/Archery Biathlon Presented by PRCS, Compassion International, & PWSCC at Valdez Glacier
Week 10 Challenge Let It Snow, or Rain, or Shine- Spend 10 minutes outside each day, enjoying nature or a physcial activity!
Saturday,  Apr 4 Beacon & Eggs Hunt with Sarah Carter & Alaska Avalanche Information Center at Salmonberry Ski Hill
Week 11 Challenge Go Wash Your Hands- strive to improve habits of hand-washing after being in contact with your face, coughs, sneezes, and other contagions.
Saturday,  Apr 11 Rock Climbing Clinic at Rock Wall (GMS)
Week 12 Challenge Finish Strong- get your Final Check-In for Program Completion.
Saturday,  Apr 18 Healthier You 5K Fun Run & Finale (Sorry no points given, but awesome prizes awarded!) See you there!

The Healthier You Sponsored Activities and Weekly Challenges will also be listed weekly in the E-Newsletter, on the Special Events Calendar, on the Welcome page at, and on our Facebook page.

By attending and participating in Healthier You Sponsored Activities, participants receive 4 Sponsored Activity points. Participants will add 4 total points to their Weekly Log total for each Sponsored Activity they attend, not 4 points plus activity points for the sponsored event.

By accomplishing a Healthier You Weekly Challenge, participants receive 5 Weekly Challenge Activity points. Participants will add 5 total points to their Weekly Log, by selecting the correct Weekly Challenge from the Activity drop-down box at

Parks & Recreation has final say on approval of all Healthier You Sponsored Activities. If you have an activity that you think should be a Healthier You Sponsored Activity event, please contact Healthier You Admin

Biometric Screenings
 As part of their "Know Your Numbers" campaign, SWAN provides Biometric Screening twice during Healthier You. Biometric Screening sign up will be available at the Kick Off and late registration, and again towards the last few weeks of the program. This year, Biometric Screening will take place February 3rd- 6th and April 7th-10th. Participants wishing to have Biometric Screening need to sign up during the Kick Off, Late Registration, and the first week of April to secure their time slot.

The second annual Festive Homes Contest is now open for registration! Show your holiday spirit by decorating and lighting up the outside of your home. Read on...
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