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Healthier You Sponsored Activities & Weekly Challenges

Healthier You Sponsored Activities and Weekly Challenges are designed to allow participants to learn and explore new things. Healthier You Sponsored Activities are free and open to the public, promoting healthy lifestyles through an activity or education session. Weekly Challenges encourage participants to discover new ways to improve their overall well-being and health through other dimensions of wellness.

Healthier You Sponsored Activities will be EVERY Saturday morning this year! (Most HYSA's will start at 10AM, unless otherwise noted in the newsletter and flyer. Most HYSA's are appropriate for ages 5+, unless otherwise noted.)

Week 1: Challenge Practice one small random act of kindness and show gratitude towards those you interact with daily.
HYSA: Saturday, Feb 4th Cross Country Ski Clinic with Michelle Cullen @ 1:00PM behind the Elementary School.
Week 2: Challenge Eat 5 servings of fruits and veggies each day!
BONUS: Wednesday, Feb 8th Healthy Cooking Class @ 6:00PM @ the Teen and Community Center
HYSA: Saturday, Feb 11th Packing Healthy Lunches with Gianna McCune @ 10:00AM @ the Teen and Community Center.
Week 3: Challenge Go to bed early this week! Go to bed one hour earlier than normal. Try to get a full 8-10 hours each night.
HYSA: Saturday, Feb 18th Wearable Technology with Copper Valley Telecom @10:00AM @ PWSC H&FC
BONUS: Saturday, Feb 18th PWSC H&FC Free Admission 9:00AM - 8:45PM
Week 4: Challenge Find a 30-60 minute physical activity to do with your family, partner, friends, or HY team.
HYSA: Saturday,  Feb 27th Frosty Fever Event GIANT SKI RACE @ 10:00AM down Fairbanks St. Pre-registration Jan. 28th - Feb. 24th @
Week 5: Challenge GET OUTSIDE EVERYDAY - Spend at least 30 minutes outside everyday this week.
HYSA: Saturday,  Mar 4th Frosty Fever Event Zipfy Races @11:30AM @ the Salmonberry Ski Hill. Pre- registration Jan. 28th - Mar. 3rd @
Week 6: Challenge Check out online budgeting tools; seek out financial professionals to help you reach your financial goals.
HYSA: Saturday,  Mar 11th Yoga with Michelle Worby @ 10:00AM @ PWSC H&FC
Week 7: Challenge Check your home, yard, classroom, or job site for safety hazards. Report or fix them.
HYSA: Saturday,  Mar 18th Longevity Stick with Donna Lane @ 10:00AM @ PWSC H&FC
Week 8: Challenge Drink the recommended daily servings of water.
HYSA: Saturday,  Mar 25th Swimming Clinic @ 10:00AM @ Swimming Pool
Week 9: Challenge Determine your target heart rate and try to reach it 3 times this week.
HYSA: Saturday,  Apr 1st Tabata with Sarah Jorgenson-Owen @ 10:00AM @ PWSC H&FC
Week 10: Challenge Explore a new talent or skill - try something new that you've always wanted to do.
HYSA: Saturday,  Apr 8th Rock Climbing @ 10:00AM @ Middle School Rock Wall
 BONUS: Saturday, Apr 9th  3 on 3 Basketball Tournament @ 1:00PM @ HHES Gym
Week 11: Challenge Find one way to volunteer, mentor, or improve your community.
HYSA: Saturday,  Apr 15th Community Garden @ 10:00AM @ the Teen and Community Center
Week 12: Challenge Finish Strong- get your Final Check-In for Program Completion.
HYSA: Saturday,  Apr 22nd Healthier You 5K Fun Run & Finale (Sorry no points given, but awesome prizes awarded!) See you there! 10:00AM @ the Teen and Community Center

The Healthier You Sponsored Activities and Weekly Challenges will also be listed weekly in the E-Newsletter, on the Special Events Calendar, on the Welcome page at, and on our Facebook page.

By attending and participating in Healthier You Sponsored Activities, participants receive 4 Sponsored Activity points. Participants will add 4 total points to their Weekly Log total for each Sponsored Activity they attend, not 4 points plus activity points for the sponsored event.

By accomplishing a Healthier You Weekly Challenge, participants receive 5 Weekly Challenge Activity points. Participants will add 5 total points to their Weekly Log, by selecting the correct Weekly Challenge from the Activity drop-down box at

Parks & Recreation has final say on approval of all Healthier You Sponsored Activities. If you have an activity that you think should be a Healthier You Sponsored Activity event, please contact Healthier You Admin