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2017 Official Rules
The Official Healthier You 2017 Program Rules and Earning Bonus Points Guidelines

Below is a summary of the rules. If you do not find what you are looking for, please refer to the complete program rules or email your questions to Healthier You Admin.

The Healthier You Leader Board
Leader boards will be displayed online! To find it, click the Leader Board tab on your user profile at A leader board will also be displayed at the Healthier You Check-in location displaying the names of the leading individuals and teams.

The Leader Board is for motivation only, and may not reflect the final results of the program.

The Leader Board will be updated each week during the competition and will display the following information:
  • Individual Weight Loss: the top 15 leaders with the most weight loss points will be ranked from highest to lowest. Individual weight loss prizes are based on total percentage lost.
  • Individual Activity Points: the top 15 Leaders with the most Activity Points will be ranked from highest to lowest.
  • Weekly Individual Activity Points: the top 15 individuals who earn points during each week will be ranked highest to lowest and shared on a separate leader board.
  • Individual Smoke Free Days: the top 5 individuals participating in the Healthier You Smoke Free Days program will be posted on the Leader Board from highest to lowest by total number of smoke free days.
  • Team Rankings: the top 20 teams from highest average to lowest average by total points.

The Leader Board will be calculated based on the data gathered during check-ins and online logging from the preceding week.

Participants who skip weekly check-ins or do not log their activity points online on a weekly basis may not see their progress reflected accurately on the Leader Board.

No participant’s weight will be displayed on the Leader Board.

Check-ins and Logging Points

Required Check-Ins

The first required check-in will take place during the participant's initial registration and will serve as their starting weight. The second required check-in must take place within the final 3 weeks of the program to record the participant's final weight. (Final Check-in must occur between April 3rd - April 19th.)

Weekly check-ins, outside of the required mentioned above, are not mandatory but are encouraged to keep track of your progress. Check-in can occur Monday - Friday 5:30AM - 8:30PM at the PWSC H&FC.

Participants who do not complete both the first and final required check-ins will not be eligible for Healthier You prizes.

Logging Points
After completing the required registration and initial check-in, participants must create an online profile at by Sunday, February 12th. Once registered online, participants can log all of their activity points from any location with internet access. Weight information is collected and recorded during weekly check-ins at the PWSC Health & Fitness Center.

All weigh-ins, activity, weekly challenge and bonus points must be logged online by midnight on April 19th for program completion and prize eligibility.

Paper weekly logs will be available for those without computer or internet access. If you are not able to participate in online logging, please contact us at 835-2531 or email Healthier You Admin.

How do you earn points?


Participants will earn 1 point for every 20 minutes of physical exercise. This should be continuous activity that raises your heart rate. Cumulative points are allowed, so if you take an 1 hour spinning class, you earn 3 points. These points are recorded on the honor system.

A maximum of 12 points per day may be logged by participants. Additionally, no more than 3 hours from an active job may be counted per day.

Have a question if something should count or about the points? Send an email to Healthier You Admin and we'll let you know!

Weight Loss
Participants earn 5 points for every pound lost between registration and their final check-in.
Weight loss will be recorded at each in person check-in. Weekly check-ins will help determine individual and team progress.

Smoke Free Days
Both daily and occasional users of tobacco can accumulate Smoke Free Days:
  • For daily tobacco users: Those who smoke, use chew etc., every day can log a Smoke Free Day for each full 24 hour period without using tobacco products.
  • For occasional tobacco users: Those who smoke or use tobacco products frequently but not 7 days a week can log a Smoke Free Day each full 24 hour period you did not use a tobacco product but wanted to.

Weekly Challenges
Participants can earn 5 points per week for every weekly challenge completed during Healthier You. 

        * Weekly Challenges can be logged once per week by the participant in the Activity
drop-down box on the Activity Tab online.
        * Weekly Challenges can be found on the “Weekly Challenges” page in your booklet, listed in each week’s Newsletter, on the Events page on the Healthier You website, and on the Welcome page of your user profile at

Healthier You Sponsored Activities
Participants can earn 4 points per week for every Sponsored Activity attended during Healthier You.
Participants can earn 2 BONUS points for attended the Healthier You BONUS Activities.

Healthier You Prizes & Recognition
Participants are required to complete the Healthier You program in order to be eligible for prizes. You must have a final weigh in to complete the program. Individual prize drawings will be based on the following age groups, 5-8yr; 9-12yr; 13-17yr; 18-29yr; 30-44yr; 45-59yr; and 60+yr. Keep in mind that the youth may have slightly different prize categories. For a full list of our prize structure, click here.

Recognition Prizes
Recognition prizes will be given to the following top performers:
  • Top Individual - total number of activity points (open to all age groups; First place in each age group. 
  • Top Individual - weight loss in percentage of body weight (only open to those participating 18&Up).
  • Top Team - total number of points averaged (open to all participating age groups). 
  • Top Smoke Free Individual - total number of Smoke Free Days

Grand Prize Drawings
Participants earning a minimum of 100 points will be entered in the Grand Prize for their appropriate age group. Second Chance drawing is for participants 18+yr only. Winners may be required to complete a W9 for tax purposes.

K-TWO Prize (Keeping the Weight Off Prize) - Participants are eligible for entry into the K-TWO prize drawing if they meet the following criteria: 
  1.  Competed in the previous year’s competition; 
  2.  Lost 5lbs or more of their body weight during that program; 
  3.  Register for the current 2017 competition at the kickoff event on January 28th; &
  4.  Weigh-in at or below their previous end weight at the start of the current competition.

The winner of the K-TWO prize will be announced at the Healthier You Finale on April 22nd. Since no weight information has been previously logged for youth participants, they are not eligible for this drawing.

"Goal-Getter" Prize Drawing- Participants who create and achieve either their Activity Goal or Weight Loss Goal (found on User Info tab at will be entered into the "Goal-Getter" Prize drawing for their appropriate age group. Participants will receive two chances to win if they achieve both their activity goal and weight loss goal.

Over 25 Under 100 Prize Drawing - Participants who do not achieve the 100 points necessary to be entered into the Grand Prize Drawing can still win with the Over 25 Under 100 prize. Each participant who achieves 25-99 points and completes the required final check-in will have their name entered into the Over 25 Under 100 drawing for their appropriate age group.

Prizes will be awarded at the Healthier You Finale. Winners will be published in local and statewide media outlets including but not limited to newspapers, radio, and television and on the P&R and SWAN websites one week following the Finale.