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Valdez Beautification Task Force
A Task Force was first commissioned by Mayor Dave Cobb in 2012 to address a coordinated, all-season community beautification and revitalization effort throughout the City of Valdez. Mayor Larry Weaver is enthusiastically continuing this effort. Since 2012 the Task Force has been working to update the last Beautification Plan published back in the late 90’s, as well as develop new projects.

The Beautification/Revitalization Project will provide the community with a plan that can be implemented over time to make Valdez an even better place to live, more inviting for tourism, and attractive to new investment and job creation. “Our current City strategic planning work has identified a number of needs and desires relative to the appearance of our community”, said former Valdez Mayor Dave Cobb. “We hope to hear more ideas and comments from the public for this ongoing initiative”, he said.

The Task Force has worked on many ideas to help make Valdez a more inviting place for our visitors, as well as to help our residents develop a greater sense of community pride. In its first year, the Task Force successfully designed and installed a new Welcome Sign out at the Valdez city limits near mile 18 of the Richardson Highway. 

The main Downtown Business District was also identified as a primary target area. As a result, there is currently a major enhancement project scheduled for ‘Main Street’ (Egan Drive) that will begin in 2016.

Mayor Weaver invites all citizens of Valdez to get involved with the ongoing Task Force planning process.

Feel free to browse the information on this page. Additional information will be posted as the project progresses.

The Task Force will meet as needed. Meetings usually fall on Mondays at noon. Please Contact the Deputy City Clerk at 834-3468 for meeting dates and times.

Have ideas or comments? Drop us an email.

Egan Drive Enhancement (2014 - 2016)
Following stakeholder meetings and numerous planning sessions, the design for the Egan Drive Enhancement Project moved to the conceptual stage in early summer 2014. The project progressed through to full design in 2015 and went out to bid in spring 2016. This project consists of three main elements: Intersection upgrades, new street lights, and a welcome arch over the Richardson Highway. There is a chance that the Welcome Arch may be delayed depending on the required fabrication time and weather during construction season.

Click Here to View the City Streets Project (which includes Egan Drive Enhancements)

• Egan Drive – 100% Design Summary

Egan Drive – 65% Design Summary

Core Downtown Business District Incentive Program (2015)
In addition to the upgrade of Egan Drive in the downtown business district, the Task Force developed and the City Council approved a 2015 private property incentive program (Program Application). This program enables private property owners or businesses within the core downtown business district to seek (50:50) matching grants for upgrades that improve the overall aesthetics of those properties.

As there was limited funding for this program, interested parties needed to complete an application which was then evaluated by the Beautification Task Force. Those projects selected were reported to the City Council prior to final approval.
In 2015, the Task Force received six applications for the Core Downtown Business District Incentive Program. All six applicants received matching grants: Mountain Sky Hotel, A Rouge's Garden, Northwind Floral & Gifts, Epiphany Church, South Central Hardware, and Copper Valley Electric Association.

Stakeholder Meetings (2013)

Following the initial conceptual development for a city-wide plan in 2012, the Task Force decided that in order to move the project beyond a conceptual stage and toward an actual design, that it was best to focus on just one part of the overall concept at a time. The component the Task Force decided to focus on first was the Egan Drive Corridor. This was because there was very strong broad public support for this part of the plan as determined by survey data.

So the Task Force has been working diligently during 2013 to reach out to Stakeholders on Egan Drive since they would be directly affected. Two Stakeholder meetings were held, one in June and one in September, to discuss an updated Egan Drive Streetscape. Please take some time to view these latest streetscape ideas and provide feedback to the Task Force. This is a large document and may take some time to load.

Initial Conceptual Ideas (2012)
The documents listed below were developed during public involvement workshops and as the result of public surveys during the summer of 2012. This included visual preference exercises and questionnaires, as well as direct discussions with Task Force members and project consultants.

The Slide Program below was shown during the first workshop explaining the project and presenting concepts.
• Slide Show-revised 5/4/12 

Please view the link below to see the synopsis of surveys taken during the public involvement workshops.
• Survey Results-revised 6/25/12 

The Conceptual Drawings below were based on information gathered during the public involvement workshops. The drawings are also included in the full slide show.
Valdez Gateway Options-revised 5/4/12
Town Square Options-revised 5/4/12
Egan Street Options-revised 5/4/12
City Street Corner Options-revised 5/4/12
Richardson Highway Options-revised 5/4/12
Overall Town Plan-Revised 5/15/12
June Update-Revised 6/25/2012
• September Update-Revised 9/14/12 

All concepts presented are preliminary in nature and require further vetting by the public and the City Council. In an effort to solicit this input, the City Council was briefed on initial concepts at their July 2, 2012 regular meeting. Additional outreach to the public then took place during the annual Valdez Gold Rush Days event; where the Task Force manned a booth at the open air market for two days (August 4-5). At this booth the concepts were explained and comments collected. The public was again engaged in a Town Hall style public meeting on August 30, 2012. Surveys and comments were collected at both the Gold Rush Days event and the Town Hall meeting. 
Link to GR survey 
Link to GR comments 

Link to TH survey 
Link to TH comments 
Link to FAQ